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Magento: XHTML/CSS Enhancements For Templates

XHTML is a combination of HTML and XML. HTML is largely used to display data while XML describes data. The combination of the two eliminates ‘bad HTML’ which is on the increase lately. Since in XML, which is a mark-up language, it always pre-supposes correct mark-up and well-formed documents.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets has been hailed as path-breaking in web design. While HTML defines how the content of a web page is to be displayed, CSS defines the styles for these web pages by specifying styles for each HTML code. The real beauty of CSS is that it enables the control of styles of multiple web pages. The combination of XHTML and CSS impart perfect web page design, thereby making the web page quite user-friendly and browser-friendly. Fortunately Magento Commerce supports such technology and development methodology, even at the core level.

Adherence to such development methodology and standards is critical for optimal website performance. N fact the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) encouraged all web browsers to be standard compliant which is effectively what we are emerging.

For any ecommerce website, a well-designed website structure, coding and markup is a mark of quality and performance. This is true for the Magento based ecommerce websites also.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online we provide specialized XHTML/CSS enhancement services to Magento Ecommerce and other ecommerce websites. If you are a web designer, or an owner of an existing website looking for XHTML/CSS conversion; please contact us today as we are able to offer you a website health check and specialized services in this area.