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Magento Upgrade: Magento version upgrades installation

Magento releases new versions of their software at frequent intervals, addressing the bugs and issues noticed or reported in previous releases. These details are available under release notes on the Magento Commerce website. As a rule, eCommerce Software Solutions Online does not offer its customers the facility of upgrades to newer versions of Magento without a careful consideration. The reason for this is that unless the customer has a stabilized version of Magento installed, the upgrades may cause more trouble than benefits.

If an online store still wants to go ahead with an upgrade, it is always advisable and prudent to back up the entire online store database before attempting to upgrade to the new beta version. It is vital that the customer preserves the original installation archive and saves the media directory with all the product/category images. All XML files also need to be backed up.

The next step is to download the new version installation/upgrade archive to the online store server. Once all the cache/session files are deleted and the browser is pointed to the Magento Page, all the necessary database upgrades will begin automatically. It is extremely important to monitor the configuration settings before and after the new Magento upgrade version installation.

As far as Magento Commerce is concerned, we again wish to reiterate that in our opinion, upgrading to a newer version of Magento as an alternative to upgrading to the full newer version installation is not a desirable choice. The numbers of issues and conflicts that can arise often outweigh the benefits of such an upgrade. Only in cases of exceptional requirements should an online store attempt to upgrade as an alternative to the full new version installation.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online we ofer the required professional services to assist you in all areas of Magento version upgrades and installation. Our Magento upgrade services are undertaken with a carefully structured upgrade methodology to ensure minimum disruption to your online store. Our services also include the necessary testing and support services required when choosing to upgrade to a newer version of Magento.

Please contact us today if you require help to upgrade to the full new version installation of Magento or to discuss your Magento upgrade requirements.. Our technical Magento staffs are available to help you.

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