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Magento Store: Training related to Magento and related technologies

Running Magento Online Stores requires training of various kinds. Training needs include Magento Store Management Training, Magento Back-end Admin Training and Zend Training.

Magento Store Management needs proper training. The training is all about adding products, product groups, and special offers, categorization of products, shipping, tax rules setting, shopping carts and check out methods. Magento store needs a lot of customization to suit individual online store requirements.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online can impart you intensive, focused professional training in Magento Store management. Our training focuses on imparting skills at identifying products, pricing methods, shipping methods, delivery schedules and customer feedback processing.

Magento Back End Admin requires training at the hands of professionals if the online store is to be run successfully and efficiently. Training is a must since the Magento Back End Admin deals with product tax rules as well.

We provide intensive training in using the Back End Admin Control Panels effectively. We provide hands-on training for online store owners in using the flexible control panel of the Magento Back End Admin interface.

Magento is built using Zend platform. Installing Zend Framework is extremely simple. eCommerce Software Solutions Online provides comprehensive Zend Training to clients. Magento Commerce is based on the Zend Framework and therefore Zend Training is essential to Magento-based online store developers.