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Professional Magento Development Services and Solutions

Magento is a professional open-source eCommerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility and control.

Please find below a list of Magento related services, products and solutions that we offer to our clients to help them get their e-commerce store fully functional and operational. These include a growing range of modules and services to help support and enhance your Magento Commerce store implementation. The modular nature of our services and modules means that you can purchase these as you require them to solve and address various areas of functionality and requirements. We are dedicated to growing this list continually to help our clients get the best results out of their Magento store.

As an approved and experienced Magento Bronze Solution Partner, we are dedicated to providing quality and reliable solutions and services for the enrichment and progress of Magento Commerce.

Full range of ready to install Magento Modules, Extensions, Solutions and Services

Custom Magento Development and Integration

  • Starter Plan

    Magento Development Starter Package

    The Magento Development Starter Package is best suited for beginner enterprises that are launching new eCommerce stores, or resellers who are willing to set up a Magento store using an existing, ready to go Magento template set. This package includes minor customizations to suit the respective corporate identity and look-and-feel requirements of the store. With minimum investment, one can launch a fully functional eCommerce store with all the features and facilities available by the most sophisticated eCommerce platform in the world.
  • Plan for Designers

    Magento Development Economy Package

    The Magento Development Economy Package is suited for designers or web agencies with the skills to design Magento templates and themes, but require help with integrating and developing the Magento store. This allows less technical, or bottle-necked solution providers to take advantage of professional Magento development, integration and support services at a marginal cost, that they can utilize internally or on sell directly to their clients.
  • Medium Plan

    Magento Development Business Package

    The Magento Development Business Package is suitable for businesses, agencies or individuals that have an existing eCommerce website, with specific configuration and functional requirements, which they wish to migrate to the Magento eCommerce platform. It is also suitable for those who require template design integration as well as eCommerce store setup and configuration, which falls outside standard Magento integration and set up. This package allows established or complete eCommerce stores to leverage the functionality and eCommerce power offered by Magento, providing a smooth transition from start to completion using our professional Magento development and support services.
  • Advanced Plan

    Magento Development Enterprise Package

    The Magento Development Enterprise Package is suited for larger eCommerce websites. This package offers an advanced custom solution for those businesses, designers or agencies that require a complete turn-key solution. This package is tailored to suit the intricate requirements of large or perhaps well established existing websites requiring integration, development, data migration, custom modules and other intense development and support services.

Magento Design Services

  • Magento Design Silver Package

    Magento Design Silver Package

    The Magento Design Silver Package is aimed at providing a comprehensive design solution for Magento store owners. In this package we provide custom design changes based on an existing template. We are able to build on your ideas if you have an existing template or have an existing website and would like to add shopping cart functionality that matches the existing design.
  • Magento Design Gold Package

    Magento Design Gold Package

    The Magento Design Gold Package is a premium design and development service that will enable you to fulfil your desire for a fresh and new custom store template design developed exclusively for the Magento store. Our Magento designers will create a unique custom-made design of your liking, according to Magento best practices, delivered in XHTML and CSS (table-less design). This includes fully functioning Magento default features and processes.
  • Template Design Package

    MagentoTemplate Design Package

    The Template Design Package provides a complete Magento template set for your online store according to your desired theme. This includes all the Magento templates that are required for your online store's successful implementation.
  • Landing Page Design Package

    Magento Landing Page Design Package

    The Magento Landing Page Design Package offers you specific help in creating a custom landing page for your Magento store according to your requirements. Landing pages are considered very important as this is often the first webpage a customer sees when visiting your online store which will make an impression on the visitor and will influence the decision about making an online purchase. We will professionally design your required landing pages at an affordable cost.
  • Category Design Package

    Magento Category Design Package

    The Magento Category Design Package helps you introduce new and appealing category pages to your Magento store as they are required. We will custom design your category pages to help you market and promote the individual and specific categories in your online store. This service is beneficial to websites requiring continual changes and seasonal updates. Unique category pages are important in enhancing SEO and PPC efforts where landing pages are critical to generating conversions.
  • Flash Animations Package

    Magento Flash Banner Module

    The Magento Flash Banner Module allows the store owner to display Flash animated banners on their online store using a self managed administration function in the Magento backend. This custom module is great for web store owners wanting to display multiple rotating banners fast and dynamically like many of the large eCommerce stores.

Magento Consulting Services

  • Magento Conulting Services Our Magento Consulting Services are suitable for those wanting to hire a dedicated eCommerce developer(s) for a specific project or to grow their development back office. We offer trained and experienced Magento developers and support personnel to work for you from our office in India whom you can manage remotely.

Magento Extensions

  • Magento Feedback Form Extensions

    Magento Enquiry/Feedback Form Extension

    The Magento Enquiry/Feedback Form Extension allows the web store owner to easily add an enquiry or website feedback form to their website. The form allows the visitor to fill in data in a prescribed outline and once the form is submitted the data is sent to the store owner in easy to read HTML format. This module offers easy installation and deployment and is suitable for almost every Magento store. We also offer installation and customization services if required.
  • Magento Feedback Form Extension with Attachment

    Magento Enquiry /Feedback Form with attachment Extension

    The Magento Enquiry / Feedback Form with Attachment extension is an advanced version of our Magento Enquiry extension. This module has an additional option to add an attachment with the enquiry form, which helps the the visitor to send an important document or image with the enquiry. Once the enquiry form is submitted, the file selected is attached with the enquiry and the data is sent to the store owner in a easy to read HTML format. This module offers easy installation and deployment and is suitable for almost every Magento store. We offer installation and customization services if required.
  • Advanced Search - Product Attribute Filter Extensions

    Magento Advanced Search - Product Attribute Filter Extension

    The Magento Multiple Attribute Drill-Down Search Extension helps store owners extend the advanced search options of their Magento store. This custom extension provides a fast product search function through multiple product attribute filtering, without the need to refresh the screen. Using AJAX it allows attributes to be selected via drop down lists, based on the selection of the previous attribute lists, one step at a time.
  • Magento Advanced Left Menu Extensions

    Magento Advanced Left Menu Extension

    The Magento Advanced Left Menu Extension allows store owners to implement an easy to navigate left menu in the Magento store quickly and easily, with three optional product catalogue navigation styles. These include expandable vertical layout for left side bar, dropdown without hidden nesting, and folding menu with sub-categories hidden by default which expand (unfold) to display sub-categories when selected.
  • Magento Shipping Filter Extensions

    Magento Shipping Filter Extension

    The Magento Shipping Filter Extension allows the store owner to set restrictions on products that cannot be shipped to certain international destinations for various reasons such as warranty issues, manufacturer and size restrictions.
  • Magento Gallery Extensions

    Magento Gallery Extension

    The Magento Gallery Extension allows the store owner to add multiple image galleries to their Magento store which can be viewed by users in the frontend. The extension is fully manageable from the Magento backend and allows shop owners to easily add/remove/edit galleries and images. One of the benefits is that it includes search engine friendly breadcrumb navigation of galleries and images.
  • Magento Press Extensions

    Magento Press Release Extension

    The Magento Press Release Extension allows the store owner to display press release type content to the Magento store from the Magento backend quick and easily. This extension is a great tool for content publishing and visibility and can be used for various content display purposes. Like most of our extensions installation is very easy, just copy & ready to run.
  • Magento Order CSV Module

    Magento Order CSV Module

    If you want to import sales order from your magento web store to your accounting and inventory software, ESSCO Order CSV will help to achieve this. It will automatically generate each Order after placing to CSV file and send to specified email id.
  • Gift packs Magento Module

    Gift packs Magento Module

    The module helps you to send gifts such as (E-cards, Pictures, E-books) to your dear ones. The module also helps to send any downloadable product as gift.
  • Magento Facile Login Extension

    Magento Facile Login Extension

    The Magento Facile Login Extension is a nice little extension that allows customer to easily login into their account and access their account dashboard on your store with out them having to leave the screen they are on. It’s a great alternative way improve the customer login function on your Magento store.
  • Magento Order Export (XML & CSV) Module

    Magento Order Export (XML & CSV) Module

    The Magento Order Export (XML & CSV) Extension allows the store owner to export all website sales orders to a CSV or XML file directly from their Magento store. This extension also allows the store to be easily integrated with 3rd party sales, CRM (Customer Relationship Management systems), accounting and inventory systems simply by configuring the extension to automatically send a copy of each single order placed by customers to a specified email ID in XML or CSV format. The order can easily be captured and processed by 3rd parties or external systems.
  • Magento Mass Downloadable Product Promotion Code Generator

    Magento Mass Downloadable Product Promotion Code Generator

    The Magento Mass Downloadable Product Promotion Code Generator helps Magento store owners easily generate downloadable product promotional codes for the Magento stores that they can intern provide to the customers for redemption.
  • Magento Product Coupon Code CSV Import Extension

    Magento Product Coupon Code CSV Import Extension

    The Magento Product Coupon Code CSV Import Extension adds convenience to store owners as product coupon codes can be created at a store wired level very efficiently. Normally, product code discounts are set per product but by using this module, Magento store owners can create store wide product coupon codes for promotional purposes simultaneously by preparing and importing a simple CSV file with the coupon code defined for each product and then importing it into the store.
  • Magento Easy Banner Extension

    Magento Easy Banner Extension

    The purpose of Magento Easy Banner Extension is to allow Magento store owners to easily upload and manage banners on their Magento store.Basically the module allows store owners to upload and publish image banners to their store in multiple areas such as the Header, Footer, Left, Right, Home Page etc.
  • Magento Free Gift Product Extension

    Magento Free Gift Product Extension

    The Magento Free Gift Product Extension is a great way to reward your customers for shopping with your website. It is also a great way for website owners to increase the average cost per sale as it encourages shoppers to spend more money with the store in order to receive the free offer thats presented and made available to them.

Magento Installation Services

  • Magento Installation Our Magento Installation Service helps you get Magento installed on your server by a dedicated Magento consultant within 48 hours. Our service is fast and efficient and will ensure that your Magento installation is performed according to Magento best practices for optimized performance and reliability.

Magento Upgrade Services

  • Magento Upgrade Services Our Magento Upgrade Services are suitable for those who currently have a Magento installation and desire to upgrade to the latest version. Upgrades are performed by our dedicated Magento technical team, generally within 24-48 hours. Our consultants are committed to helping you keep your website healthy and current by taking advantage of the latest features, functions, bug fixes and general improvements offered in the latest Magento Commerce version.

Magento SEO Services

  • Basic SEO Package

    Basic Magento SEO Package

    The Basic Magento SEO Package is suitable for smaller and perhaps new eCommerce websites with a relatively small website promotion budget. This package will help ensure that an eCommerce store has taken care of the initial requirements that are fundamental to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to begin generating effective traffic.
  • Standard SEO Package

    Standard Magento SEO Package

    The Standard Magento SEO Package is suitable for eCommerce websites with a relatively larger website promotion budget that are willing to allocate more resources towards increasing traffic to their website. This package will not only help ensure that the initial SEO requirements have been addressed but will also set a strong foundation to allow for the benefits of a longer period of web promotion to be gained.
  • Advanced SEO Package

    Advanced Magento SEO Package

    The Advanced Magento SEO Package is suitable for larger, well stocked online stores with possibly hundreds of products and content pages. This package is tailored for Magento eCommerce stores wanting to get more aggressive in their SEO efforts and start rising above their competitors in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page).

Magento Store Back-Office and Data Entry Services

  • Magento Store Back-Office and Data Entry Services Our Magento Back-Office and Data Entry Services are tailored to the individual requirements of Magento eCommerce stores needing support in various areas of website maintenance such as data entry, product entry and configuration, content adding and editing, general store configuration and other related Magento back-office services.

Magento Integration Services

  • Magento Integration with TYPO3

    Magento Integration with TYPO3

    We offer specialized Magento Commerce and TYPO3 CMS (Content Management System) integration. If you have developed a Typo3 CMS webiste and would like to add eCommerce cacpabilities, or have a Magento Commerce store and would like to add a broader scope of content management facilities, then this service may be very well suited to you. Our service offers a complete integration between Typo3 and Magento offering a very flexible, scalable and popwerful website presence.
  • Word Press blog integration with Magento

    WordPress Blog Integration with Magento

    Our WordPress Blog and Magento Integration Service offers a seamless way to professionally enhance both your WordPress and Magento implementation. It is particularly valuable for those eCommerce stores wanting the added benefit of value added information for their visitors and for SEO purposes, or for those who have both these systems implemented and would like to merge them together properly.
  • joomla_icon_img

    Magento Integration with your Existing Joomla Website

    We offer specialized integration between Magento Commerce and Joomla CMS (Content Management System). If you have a Magento store and would like to include content management facilities powered by Joomla, have a Joomla based CMS website and wish to integrate eCommerce capabilities, or are setting up a webiste and require both powerful eCommerce capabilities and simple to use, versatile CMS then this is a great solution. This service is also perfect for those wanting to upgrade their current Joomla eCommerce extension to a more powerful, feature rich PHP eCommerce system – Magento.
  • Twitter integration with Magento

    Twitter Integration with Magento

    Our Twitter Integration with Magento Service allows Magento store owners to publish their Twitter account posts directly onto any section of their Magento store. This Twitter with Magento integration can be used in various value added ways to publish information that allows store owners to stay connected with customers and website visitors.
  • gsitemap_icon_img

    Google Sitemap Integration with Magento

    Our Google Site Map Integration with Magento Service is essential for all Magento stores desiring to gain better SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page placement) as it will help stores have their product and website pages indexed by Google.
  • ganalytics_icon_img

    Google Analytics Integration with Magento

    Our Google Analytics Integration with Magento Service helps to integrate Google Analytics into your Magento eCommerce store. For those not yet using Google Analytics, this is a great business intelligence tool offered freely by Google that helps websites comprehensively analyse website traffic, usage and more.
  • gmap_icon_img

    Google Map Integration and Setup with Magento

    Our Google Map Integration and Setup with Magento Service allows you to easily integrate Google Maps with your Magento store. All you need to do is provide us with your address and details and we will do the rest. It’s a very effective and free way to not only inform your visitors of where you are located, but also get indexed by Google, often on the first page of search results as a local business listing.
  • Magento New and Featured Items Display Configuration Service

    Magento New and Featured Items Display Configuration Service

    Magento has inbuilt features available to configure 'New and featured items display’. This adds freshness to the store and promotes sales. If the assignment exceeds 3 hrs of job we will inform you in advance and the additional work can be done at an hourly rate depending on your custom requirement.
  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration Service

    Magento Payment Gateway Integration Service

    You have developed an online store but you are facing issues in integrating with payment gateways. eCommerce Software Solutions Online can help you to integrate payment gateway. (The cost of this service is excluding merchant bank or payment gateway fee). If the work is going to take more than 6 hours we will let you know in advance and the additional work can be done at an hourly rate.
  • Magento Shipping Integration Service

    Magento Shipping Integration Service

    Every shipping carrier in the world has its own methods to calculate shipping charges. We can assist you for having your own customized setting of your shipping rates in Magento. We deliver this solution for a normal Magento store for 299 USD. Should the work on you store exceed 9 hrs of work, we will inform you in advance and additional work can be done at an additional hourly rate

Other Magento Services

  • W3C Template Compliance for Magento

    World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Template Compliance for Magento

    Our World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Template Compliance for Magento Service helps Magento stores achieve the necessary compliance standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This is ideal for web store owners or developers, agencies etc… who want to ensure their Magento website meets W3C compliance. Our specialized Magento developers will fine tune your eCommerce store according to W3C standards and guidelines.
  • Magento Website health Check

    Magento Website Health Check and Assessment Service

    Our Magento Website Health Check and Assessment Service is a preventative maintenance measure tailored to checking the performance, coding and implementation methods of a Magento eCommerce store. This helps improve website performance, alleviate vulnerabilities and reduces the likelihood of website errors and disruptions.
  • Magento Emergency Help

    Magento Emergency Help

    Our Magento Emergency Help Service is available to provide fast response Magento support for those stores experiencing problems. This is ideal for those wanting a quick fix to a problem or a ‘life-line’ to use if problems arise. This service can be pre-purchased as a preventative website assistance measure.
  • Template Integration Services

    Template Integration Services

    Our Magento Template Integration Service is for those who have purchased or possess a ready-made Magento eCommerce template (possibly from another source) and would like to have it integrated into Magento. We will not only integrate it for you, making it fully functional with Magento, but can also make minor customizations to suit your specific requirements. Using ready-made Magento templates and themes can save you time, money and effort, while allowing you to go live with a personalized ‘look-and-feel’ and start selling online within days.
  • Tax Rule

    Magento Tax Rule Configuration Service

    Our Magento Tax Rule Configuration Service is for those who require help in configuring and setting up the tax rules for a Magento store. Often countries and states have different tax rates which need to be incorporated into the Magento eCommerce store and while Magento offers flexibility to setup complex tax rules this can get a little tricky. Our service is tailored to help you set this up according to your specific requirements.
  • Payment Gateway

    Magento Paypal Integration Service

    Our PayPal Integration Service for Magento is a quick, secure and reliable method for accepting online payments from shoppers. This is suitable for those websites that do not have a merchant account and payment gateway set-up or want to offer an alternative online payment method for customers. We will integrate PayPal to your Magento store within days, so you can start receiving online payments immediately.

  • Youtube

    Magento YouTube Integration Service

    Our Magento YouTube Integration Service is for those who want to add video streaming to a Magento store in a very cost effective and consolidated way. This service is a direct integration between a Magento store and YouTube, allowing videos to stream directly into Magento. Video content has become a very effective method of converting sales by allowing visitors to be conveniently educated about the products and services offered.
  • Data Import

    Customer Data Import for Magento

    Our Customer Data Import for Magento Service allows you to migrate existing customer data into a Magento store. This is suitable for those who have a large customer database that they would like to transfer to their eCommerce store, or are migrating to Magento from another eCommerce Package and require the customer data to be successfully migrated to Magento smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Gift Registry

    Magento Gift Registry Module

    The Gift Registry Module provides a very strategic mass selling tool for a Magento store. It allows website users to build a list of items that they would like purchased from the store and then make it available to their family and friends for them to purchase for them as gifts. This is essential for eCommerce stores where customers expect a gift registry service and is a great way to increase sales, customer loyalty and generate customer referrals.
  • Bug Fixing

    Magento Bug Fixing Services

    Our Magento Bug Fixing Service helps solve bug related issues in Magento stores that cause problems that are found in official Magento versions or encountered due to Magento customizations and added extensions. Our specialized Magento consultants are able to help you address bugs and fix them on short notice to ensure the Magento store runs smoothly, reliably and is stable.
  • PDA

    PDA or iPhone Compatible Templates for Magento

    We offer PDA or iPhone Compatible Templates for Magento stores. This is ideal for those Magento stores intending to sell products and services using mobile devices such as the iPhone. We will custom design and develop your Magento store template so that it is PDA or iPhone compatible.
  • Picture Editing

    Product Picture Editing Services for Magento

    Our Product Picture Editing Service for Magento offers an efficient and convenient picture editing service for Magento stores. This is ideal for those requiring a cost effective solution for creating a professional website appearance which can increase the chance of converting sales. You may have a bunch of product images that you would like to add to your store, but lack the skills to professionally enhance them. You can send us the images you have taken and we will improve the quality for you through professional picture editing.
  • SSL

    SSL Certificate for Magento Store

    We offer complete SSL Certificate Solutions for Magento eCommerce stores. All our SSL Certificates are from Verisign/Thawte which is the most respected and trusted SSL service provider in the world. SSL Certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) are essential for securing and protecting the integrity of your Magento store when accepting payment transactions. SSL Certificates provide secure (cryptographic) communication between the shopper’s browser (client) and a web server (a Magento store). Our Magento SSL Certificate Solution includes purchasing, installing, transferring and renewing SSL Certificates.