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Install Magento: Magento software installation

The Magento ecommerce platform incorporates the latest online store technologies allowing online stores owners the luxury of easily establishing a professional ecommerce presence fast and effectively, without compromising on quality, accuracy, security and integrity that is required in establishing a professional and strategic ecommerce presence.

Magento installation is rather easy and straight forward but does require some know how to do so efficiently and accurately. In most cases, unless you have the necessary experience you might find it a little tedious and perhaps tricky. If you do not specialize in this area, it might be more beneficial and cost effective to take advantage of an installation service. This will probably save you the headache and also ensure it is done accurately from the outset.

Magento is available for download in two different versions, the installer version and the default version. The installer version only includes the necessary files needed to begin the installation process, and the default version includes the standard features without any of the additional features that the full Install version offers. We always recommend that the Magento full Install version is installed with every Magento installation.

To install Magento, the minimum system requirements must be met. Please refer for the latest requirement. The OS could be Linux or Windows. Once the download of the chosen version is completed, you will be directed to the admin panel and there you can configure your online store.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online has a core team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to offering a wide range of specialized Magento Commerce services including Magento software installation, configuration and fine-tuning. We place maximum importance on individual online store requirements and do not recommend run-of-the-mill installations.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online, we not only install the Magento full installer version with each installation of Magento but also we ensure that the key areas of the Magento online store are set up and pre-configured to suit the individual customer requirements.

We guarantee customer satisfaction when we undertake Magento Commerce installation and offer the support that is needed to ensure your Magento store gets installed and set up and running accurately, effectively and reliably.

Kindly contact us today to learn more about our Magento Commerce software installation services or to discuss your Magento Installation requirements.

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