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Magento Skin- Magento Skinning Services

Our Magento Design and ‘Skinning’ Services involve customizing the Magento Commerce Store front-end templates to suit your individual website needs. A significant component of Magento project is the template theme design. The beauty about Magento Commerce is that the front-end interface also referred to as the Magento Skin and Magento Template, can be designed and modified to look exactly the way you would like it to look so that it suits your identity and also the nature and purpose of your online business.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online we appreciate the fact that every business and organization has individual website requirements. In-order to accomplish the best results from your online store, your website must effectively and professionally convey the quality of your business, as well as appropriately communicate and interact with your website users. The great thing about Magento is that is makes it possible for you to modify the skin (the look and feel) of your website store-front very easily, while retaining the core e-Commerce functions that it offers.

So in effect, whether you are using a fully customized Magento skin on your website, or using the default Magento skin with minor modifications to the look and feel, you are able to take full advantage of the sophisticated features that Magento has to offer from an operational and functional perspective right out-of-the-box.

Further more, the flexible nature of Magento Commerce makes it possible to not only change the graphical appearance of your online store by re-skinning it, but it also allows you to customize your website from an operational and functional perspective in order to meet your personal preferences.

From a technical perspective Magento can be leveraged as an e-Commerce platform capable of addressing from the simplest to the most complex e-Commerce requirements. (To learn more about our Technical Magento Customization Services, please refer to the Magento Commerce Customization Section ).

The fact that the Magento Default set-up is a fully functional online store system means that you can start selling products immediately. It’s simply a matter of creating an account and a way you go. Magento has been created as a very powerful, ready-to-go e-Commerce application, giving you access to a professional e-Commerce product at a marginal set-up and hosting cost. Never before has such a highly sophisticated e-Commerce application been available so.

Its important to understand that Magento’s Default Templates are more than sufficient to get your online store up and running, or until you are ready to personalize your website. Many people start by using the standard default Magento set-up and then customize their templates when they are ready.

The thing to remember is that either way you go, the moment you set-up Magento Commerce you gain immediate access to a very powerful and fully operational e-Commerce website solution, capable of handing any level of online business. This is exciting and can not be stressed enough!

However for those of you who want to go the next step and ‘skin’ (personalize) your website to suit your exact needs, this can be done quite easily and to different degrees, depending on your requirements. We understand that each business and organization has unique e-Commerce requirements and that while the Magento Default templates are a fantastic and highly suitable way for those wanting to set-up a quick, affordable, yet sophisticated out-of-the-box e-Commerce solution, it is not necessarily suitable for those that require a personalized and custom designed website.

Most businesses (eventually) desire to have there online store personalized to suit there identity and thus require custom skinning services. This essentially involves replacing the default Magento template/skin with one that is more suitable for the business and the industry the business is in.

We have therefore made it our goal to offer affordable Magento Commerce Skinning Services to the global community. We specialize in creating new Magento skins to suit your online business requirements, as well as tweaking and/or modifying existing templates according to your needs.

Our Magento Skinning services can range from minor template changes that can be made to existing Magneto Templates with-in a couple of days, to entire custom designed templates and integration services, were we custom design website templates from scratch to suit the exact needs of your business. This is highly suitable for those business and organizations that want a 100% personalized look and feel. The great advantage of having your Magento store customized to suit your needs is that it will better convey the profile of your business and also give you a unique website presence.

Our Magento Skinning Services can be utilized in various capacities depending on what you require. This can range form adding your logo and changing the colors of an existing template, to a full redesign. We can also offer our services to different degrees depending on your requirements. For example, if you have already designed or purchased a template and need some assistance in either applying the graphical template modifications or would like us to integrate the templates for you, we can do that for you also.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online we have proven expertise in Magento Skinning which is part of our Magento Design Services and are committed to helping you attain professional solutions at a good price.We offer a wide range of services to suit your Magento Commerce needs.

Please contact today to enquire about our Magento Template Skinning and Customization services. We are more than happy to discus your needs and look forward to working with you to customize your online store. If you are a Web Development Firm, Graphic Designer, Design Agency etc., and need assistance with Magento Skinning/Template Design and Redesign, integration, kindly refer to our Partner Services Program to learn more how we can help you deliver custom Magento Solutions to your clients.

With the advent of Magento, the design flexibility and quality can be of higher standard for e-commerce web sites. We at eCommerce Software Solutions Online invite you to get in touch with us for your Magento skinning Requirements.

Please visit our design services and pricing page for more details.