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Magento: Product Photo and Image Editing

Product images form an essential part of any ecommerce website or online store. Professional, clean looking images give the potential shopper a good look and ‘feel’ of the product and essentially give them a more convincing and compelling reason to purchase the product.

The visual contact with the product goes a long way in dispelling the queries of the buyer. It is therefore very important to put professional product images onto on your online store. First impressions about your products are made from the photo that represent them. The mistake people often make is that they settle for poor image quality on their online stores and therefore lesson the chance that people will purchase the items present. This has an even greater impact when the items being sold are high-ticket (expensive items).

This all seems rather obvious but many websites fail to address this issue. When a shopper purchases products from a physical store they have the luxury of looking, touching and even experimenting with the item, sometimes looking at the item in the box itself isn’t enough. Shoppers will call the shop attendant to come and demonstrate the item in order to help them understand the item they intend to purchase better.

It’s important to think in practical terms when placing images of your products onto your website. In one way the fact that computer monitors lack the physical dimension of touch, limits your ability to properly and visually promote your products, however in another sense it offers you the opportunity to promote your product in a well structured, clean and optimal way.

The product image is indeed the starting point and the first aspect about the online product display that needs to be addressed. Many people often fail to provide professional images on their websites because a lot of the times images simply do not exist. Companies selling products online usually use different supplies and they may or may not have professional edited product images.

A very good starting point when setting up a website is to request product images from your suppliers. You will find that suppliers will usually have images of their products that have already been edited for website purposes. In some cases however, although suppliers will have images available they will differ in image quality and resolution. Usually the image background will not be consistent and some will be more or less professional, depending on the amount of effort they have gone through to prepare there product images.

Once you have taken the first step and collected all the images you can from your suppliers, to improve on these is by getting the product images edited professionally. This will involve professionally tracing out the product image and placing it onto a crispy nice background. Additional editing can also be done to the actual product image using PhotoShop to enhance the images and bring out the colours and clarity. This will help improve the images you may receive form your suppliers.

In some cases however website product images are not available and you are required to take these yourself. Some people will hire a professional photographer to do this but this can be an expensive exercise, particularly if you have hundreds of products. In some cases it is not feasible hiring a professional because product images need to be taken in batches. This is often the case with business like jewellers, florists, cake decorators and the likes, which can only produce a certain amount of products at a time. Usually professional photographers charge their services in time slots so having to get them to return may not be feasible.

Further more, sometimes businesses have unique ‘one of stock’ items, so the need for a product image on their website is temporally, so it may not be feasible to hire a professional just for the sake of one item, but again this is relative to the item being sold and how important it is to sell it. An expensive item could well justify this cost! There are other cases were there is literally an unlimited range of product conjurations and styles, such as in the cake and florist industry. While it makes sense to continually take photos if items being produced on a day to day basis, it may be simply unfeasible and unpractical to hire a professional to do this, so you are left with the responsibility to do it your self. This is ok.

In the case were one does not have luxury of ready to use professional photos, or does not have the budget to hire a professional photographer, we want to encourage retailers to do it themselves. With very little effort and a half decent camera professional photos can be taken. The reason product photos that have been taken by non-professionals often don’t look good is because they usually need some editing; even the professionals edit their product photos. You would be surprised what some photo editing will do.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online we have experienced professionals, fully conversant with image editing and photo editing. We understand the significance and value of the product image on your ecommerce website and want to help you lift the profile of your online store, which will ultimately result in more product sales.

If want your product photo/ images professionally touched up and edited, just email us the product pictures and we will do this for you at a marginal fee. Once edited we will resend you the professionally edited product images at the earliest time possible. We will even resize these images for you giving you a few different size variations. You will not regret the money spent on product picture editing as it will help you literally sell more products.

We also offer additional services in helping you with your Magento ecommerce website and can help you upload product images directly to your website.

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