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Magento: PHP and MySQL Magento Database Consulting

PHP is a very popular server side scripting language that provides the tools to buld highly functional and interactive ecommerce websites and other functional web applications. It is very popular as it is open source and it supports many databases including MySQL.

MySQL database is suitable for small as well as medium to large applications. The Combination of PHP and MySQL is cross platform, meaning that the developed application can be developed on one platform and the deployment done on another. For example, PHP-MySQL can be developed on Windows and deployed on UNIX platform. If PHP is developed with MySQL support, then the MySQL functions enable you to access MySQL database.

Given that Magento is written in PHP and MySQL Database, optimized Magento MySQL database configuration is very important for efficient operation of the online store. eCommerce Software Solutions Online specializes in offering consultancy services for PHP-MySQL technologies and can thus help you enhance as well as optimize your online store.

Online stores, rely on efficient database management and quick access to databases. Thus if the combined features and functions of PHP and MySQL are utilized to customize your requirements, management and administration of online stores become easier and simple.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online is a specialist provider of PHP and MySQL technologies. We help our clients by analyzing the present database management of their online store and either suggest and / or implementing methods that improve the overall function and performance. Our PHP and MySQL database consulting services include detailed analysis of the databases operation, performance, custom development, testing and deployment.

Our aim is to ensure our clients get the best possible results from their Magento ecommerce system, allowing them to leverage our expertise to ensure the reliability of their websites. Our PHP and MySQL consulting services include periodical upgrades to newer versions of your database and server applications to keep up to date with new release patches and updates.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online wants to give you the assurance of having a trusted partner that you can rely upon to facilitate your technical needs as your business needs grow and mature.

We encourage you to approach us with confidence for all your Magento PHP and MySQL requirements. Our consultants are always available to help you.

Please visit our Magento consulting services and pricing page for more details.