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Magento: News Letter Design

Email Marketing Newsletters are a vital link between your online store and customers. By sending newsletters, the customer is directly informed of the offers, new products and latest developments in the online store, inviting them to browse and buy.

Online stores have to incorporate the newsletter features in their websites in order to have a digital marketing ambassador at their disposal. Well-designed newsletters, with the right content and the right layout, draw customers to the website and encourage exiting customers to revisit the website to browse or purchase.

Newsletters are a great opportunity to provide beneficial information to customers and registered website users about new products, discontinued lines, product reviews, special offers, seasonal discount sales, new developments and other helpful information that helps establish and strengthen the customer relationship. Strategic, value added newsletters should be designed to genuinely help existing customers, while politely trying to establish new customer relationships with prospects and recipients, who are not yet ‘customers’ but would benefit from shopping with your store. This can be accomplished by producing interesting newsletters with relevant, hones that communicate the genuine offers by your store that provide the customer some form of value. For some customers, this might perhaps be the first chance to purchase some products at a great bargain, helping them save money; while for others it may simply contain some helpful information, educating them about an area of their concern and interest. At other occasions, it may simply be to wish them a Merry Christmas or thank them for their support.

There is no set way to produce newsletters, as each newsletter might serve a specific and special purpose; however as a general rule, the newsletter should be easy to access, interesting and most importantly easy to read. This can be accomplished, with easy identifiable catch lines and phrases, short headings, photographs, images and other visual content that help the recipient comprehend what the newsletter is all about, even at a glance. HTML-based newsletters are becoming the order of the day, replacing text-based newsletters, thereby allowing store owners to incorporate images, graphics and multi-media in contrast to the newsletter having only text.

However, one needs to also respect the accessibility limitations, restrictions and preferences of the recipient while being sensitive to their needs. With more and more people accessing Internet content such as email on the go through hand held devices such as phones’, Blackberry’s and types of PDA’s, the format of the newsletter should be tailored to their needs by being mobile device compatible, optimized for the respective screen resolutions of the recipients and very importantly light in data so that it can be accessed fast and cost effectively.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online can help you design and integrate effective newsletters for your Magento online store website. We can design and customize newsletters according to your business and website requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and so that we may show you some newsletter samples that we have made in the recent past.