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Magento Modules: New Module and Magento Extensions Integration

In order to keep up with the constantly changing customer requirements and expectations, every Magento powered online shop system requires continuous function and facilities updates and changes. These are accomplished through the integration of new modules and Magento extensions.

What makes Magento rather unique is that it makes it possible to both modify and enhance the functionality of an online store through the modification, development and integration of new modules and extensions.

Being an open source system, Magento Commerce is committed to broadening its level of functionality and user experience, both for the shopper and also for the shop owner. This is accomplished through the integration of new modules and extensions. Such modules are made available either by the core Magento development team, as they are introduced to the core Magento system with new upgrades, or are made available online for download and installation.

Such modules maybe available free, or for sale depending on the source making the module available. Once such modules and extensions are acquired, they can be ‘plugged into’ or integrated into new or existing online stores. In any case all such modules and extensions require professional set –up, integration and testing to ensure they are working correctly and are supported by the exiting Magento version and online store configuration.

Some of the most popular extensions and modules that are required for custom Magento stores set-up include but are not limited to modules for;

  1. 1. Admin
  2. 2. Catalog
  3. 3. Design Packages
  4. 4. Interfaces
  5. 5. Languages / Locales
  6. 6. Layouts
  7. 7. Migration tools
  8. 8. Payment Gateways
  9. 9. Shipping Methods
  10. 10. Skins
  11. 11. Templates
  12. 12. Themes

In order for your Magento online store to be an effective and marketable website, it must have the right modules and extensions integrated (and updated accordingly). This will ensure that no casual visitors turn away from your online store due to the lack of functionality and shopping features required. Have the appropriate modules and extensions running in your online store will also ensure that you can effectively manage and drive your online store from a management perspective. Therefore, integrating or modifying Magento modules and extensions is critical to your websites online. The need of integrating new modules and extensions to enhance the online stores over all functionality both in the front and also the blackened comes with the requirement of integration services and support. eCommerce Software Solutions Online specializes in the integration of new modules and extensions for Magento online stores.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online, we specialize in designing new modules and extensions and also integrating available third party modules according to our clients needs. We assess the customer's requirements and after ensuring the feasibility of the new modules and extensions we integrate them into the online store in the most time efficient way, avoiding all possible disruptions to the operation of the store. This ensures that the website is inaccessible for a minimal period of time.

If your online store is Magento-based and you are looking for the speedy and hassle-free integration of new modules and extensions for your online store, please contact us today to discuss your needs. We are able to help you identify and or modify or develop the required module(s) you require to accomplish your online business objectives.

Please visit our solutions and services page for more details.