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Magento Integration: CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management is the very essence of any business. The goal of customer relationship management is to manage customers by enhancing customer services so that the profitability can be increased many fold. There are many software packages, hardware systems, and Internet tools that enable enterprises to profitably manage relationships with their customers. Enterprises the world over have invested hugely into automating, expanding and optimizing their customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Integration between sales, marketing and customer service departments is the vital factor for ensuring good customer service. This is where the flexible and feature-rich Magento ecommerce platform comes into the forefront. All the CRM features can be seamlessly integrated with the Magento online store modules. Once integrated with Magento, the CRM capabilities work wonderfully well and the online store can gather all the databases that are necessary in the CRM system.

The salient CRM features like payment processing, order management, customer service, promotion and pricing policies, financial and business management and point of sales , become fully functional, immediately after integration into the Magento Online Store. eCommerce Software Solutions Online specializes in the hassle-free integration of CRM features into the Magento Online store, with full customization in tune with the client requirements.

Integration of CRM enables the monitoring of customer behavior such as products purchased, brand loyalty patterns, repeat purchases, conversion rates and other vital parameters. Our domain expertise in CRM integration is such that the full operational features and functionalities of Magento are enhanced to work in unison with the CRM systems. The online store then becomes a full CRM system loaded site, with capabilities for in depth analysis and follow-up action using the CRM tools and applications.

If you are looking for effective, CRM integration for your Magento online store, then eCommerce Software Solutions Online is the right choice. Make your move today!

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