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Magento Shipping: Shipping Module Integration

No successful online store would be able to function without the integration of a fully functional and accurate shipping Module. A Shipping module enables the online store to provide appropriate shipping options to the customer for the delivery of items that have been purchased.

In order to accurately calculate the cost of shipping the product bought by the customer to the desired destination(s) the shipping module has to be installed and the rates need to be configured in the online store in an appropriate and accurate way. This can be a very intricate and tedious process.

One of the reasons why the shipping module is critical to a successful shopping cart is because of the simple fact that the final cost of the order will be determined by the actual shipping module itself. Therefore it is critical that the shopping cart shipping module is integrated and configured appropriately. Failure to do so could mean that the customer is over charged, which could cause them to abandon the check out process altogether.

Inadequate magneto shipping module integration could cause the shopper to be under charged for a purchase or over charge. Worst still, a poorly configured shipping module could cause the shop to ‘break’ during the shop check out process generating an error and preventing the shopper from progressing further with his or her order.

What makes the shipping module so intricate and thus important is that it ultimately determines the cost and acquisition of the order that has been made. It is calculated on the basis of the number of items been purchased, the weight and other factors such as packing, destination etc. Magento shipping module integration is an integral part of the entire online shop system and must there fore be integrated and configured correctly.

One of the greatest advantages that Magento Commerce has to offer is that it offers a wide range of integrated shipping methods. Further more; its flexible open source infrastructure makes custom integration of shipping modules possible.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online develops and integrates Shipping Modules for Magento Online Stores. We are able to help you either install configure or customize shipping modules to suit your needs.

If you are in need of a specific shipping module to be integrated with your magento shopping cart or require an existing shipping method to be modified to suit your requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Generally speaking, the Flat Rate and Per Unit shipping modules are integrated and then depending on the customer’s requirements, more modules are integrated to suit store owner’s specific needs.

Please visit our solutions and services page for more details.