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Magento Payment: eCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

In order to accept real-time payment, your Magento online store requires a payment gateway to be set-up. A Payment gateway authorizes payments for eCommerce transactions with online stores. All information sent over the payment gateways travel in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mode through high encryption technology. This means that your customers can order from your Magento store in a highly safe and secure way.

In a typical online store transaction the customer or the visitor clicks on the ‘buy now’ button and places the order for a product or a service into their shopping cart. Once the order is submitted this information reaches the online store web server which then passes on the details of the transaction to the payment gateway for processing.

The Payment gateway then gets the transaction validated/authorized/confirmed by the merchant banker/ the issuing banker. Upon the bank confirming the transaction, the payment gateway processes the bank’s response (it could be approved or declined) and forwards it to the online store web server. The web server deciphers the payment gateway response to the payment transaction request and if it is approved, the eCommerce payment gateway confirms the completion of the order and in-turn starts the shipping/delivery process of the product and/or service that has been ordered.

An eCommerce payment gateway is critical if a shop owner wants to streamline the payment process and offer live (real-time) payment processing. Setting up the eCommerce payment gateway also ensures that the online store payment transactions are both secure and reliable. This is because the verification process is both encrypted for maximum security and also handled immediately at the time the order is placed by the shopper.

Magento offers multiple payment methods/options but most importantly it comes with a series of integrated secure payment gateways that are readily available to use.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online (ECSSO) provides highly customized payment gateway integration services which enables online stores to process payments from customers through recognized Payment Gateways. Our services will ensure the seamless integration of Magento online stores with the Payment Gateway of your choice.

Often the payment gateway you require to be integrated may be determined by your bank or the financial institution you are using to accept credit card payments. It may also be that an online store owner is using an existing payment gateway that is not currently supported by Magento. In this case we can help you by integrating your Magento Commerce store with the particular payment gateway you require to ensure that there is no disruption in the method of processing payments that you currently use.

In cases were the Magento payment gateway that you require exists and is supported as part of Magento but you require help in configuring and setting up for your use and purposes, we are also able to help.

For example, one service that we offer as part of our Magento Payment Gateway Integration Services is configuration of the payment gateway in the language(s) of your choice. All our Payment Gateway Integration Services are followed by efficient and reliable trouble shooting assistance.

Please contact us today for Magento Payment Gateway Integration Services.

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