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Magento Development: FAQ

1. I represent a small web development company from USA. Would you be able to work on some of our Magento projects without revealing your identity to the end -clients?

Yes. Many of our clients are firms like yours. We are ready to work under your company’s banner without revealing our involvement.

2. If we desire to hire a dedicated Magento programmer to work for us from your office how many days would it take to begin the work?

Normally 3-5 working days

3. What is your billing rate?

If you are hiring a dedicated programmer the cost would be 1,999 USD per month per person. If you are accepted as our registered business partner we have special hourly rate deals for you. Please contact us for details.

4. What are the methods of payment?

You can either do a credit card payment or you can wire the payment to our bank account in India.

5. Do you provide Magento maintenance services?

Yes. We have a 24 hr support center to provide Magento maintenance services.

6. Can your software developers understand English?

Yes. Our developers are well educated, having completed 3-5 years of study at the University level or Engineering Institutes with English as the medium of instruction.

7. How ECSSO Delivers Magento Development faster?

eCommerce Software Solution’s offering to develop an online store using Magento starts from just 30 Hours. Some people ask us, how you are so fast? The reasons are simple. Please find some of them below:

  • We are experienced in online store development. Our focus on this segment helps us much
  • Our programmers and designers are of very high quality. Our recruitment process helps us to get some of the best talents available in the world in online store/Magento segment
  • We use Magento platform for online store development. We are not re-inventing the wheel
  • We have developed many extensions over a period of time which helps the development to be faster
  • Above all we understand the online store business better because of our focus in this segment. This helps us to understand quickly and deliver smoothly