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Magento Theme: Existing Themes Design Modification

The great advantage of Magento is that when you are setting up an online store, one is not necessarily required to produce a new Magento template theme design. Many exiting themes are available that can either be used verbatim (bar some minor changes such as logo etc.) or modified to suit your individual requirements. Existing Magento template themes can easily be modified and adapted to your individual store requirements. This is a very cost effective and a practical way to set up a personalized online store with out immediate investment in creating a custom store theme.

The Magento eCommerce platform comes with a default theme. When a Magento administrator assigns the interface to his website where the online store is hosted, the default theme takes effect. This essentially forms the main front-end display of the online store.

However in many cases, store owners also wish to change the Magento theme in accordance with marketing and promotional requirements, such as seasonal sales, special occasion displays and off-season discount sales etc. While the existing Magneto themes are fully functional and usable website templates, they can be easily modified to suit the specific business and industry demands. Existing Magento themes can be modified to suite your websites temporal and specific promotional campaigns quite easily, simply by modifying the style of the existing Magento template theme. This can be effectively done through non-default themes, allow us to explain.

With Magento, Non-Default themes can also be used to create a different look to the online store by changing, creating or modifying a few images and cascade-style sheets on the exiting default theme. This method eliminates the need for a designing a whole new default theme. Furthermore, the often clean and neutral design themes makes modifying the existing templates fast and easy.

In our experience, organizations demand that appearance changes to their online store take place fast and efficiently. Magento Commerce makes this possible. Further to the example provided above, since the need for the website change or modification is purely seasonal and often temporal, the original appearance can be restored after the season quite easily, simply by restoring the original default theme. Alternately, and in cases were the default theme is still not sufficient to suit the website design requirements of the organization, we are able to help you in the full customization of the default theme to suit your individual needs.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online (ECSSO), we believe that your actual needs and requirements are the most significant factors in deciding whether to go in for new Magento theme design or to modify the existing theme design. While creating a new theme is obviously a greater investment, if the customer is working with a restricted budget, then choosing the existing theme design modification is the better option.

Not only will the modification of an existing theme design save a lot of time, it will also help you save some money, until you are ready to take the next step and personalize your website further. Having designed many such online stores with absolute customer satisfaction, we can also assist you in identifying your requirements and choosing the best option for theme selection.

As a kind word of advice, it is recommended that during the first installation of the Magento Commerce Platform you choose the default Magento theme because this template (which can be nicely and easily modified) has all the necessary lay-outs, templates and structural blocks in its directory. This makes the modification of the existing store theme design easier when done at a later stage, without having to install any new programs. We are more than happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

We suggest that during any new season, every online store owner takes a close look at the store theme design and seek our services for providing theme design changes to suit the occasion. Magento new theme design will definitely enhance the marketability and sales of your products and services, if you make your store attractive and visually rich, through the right theme design selection or modification.

We encourage you to take advantage of our e-Commerce expertise, superior technology and professional team to build your online store. Indeed it is our goal to help you accomplish your online business objectives. Our Global Delivery Model gives you the advantage of both East and West (Western design, quality and standards, with Eastern technological expertise, development, support and efficiencies)

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