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Magento Training: Magento Back-end Administration Training

Magento enables very detailed and feature rich Back-end Administration controls for your online store. The Magento Back-End Admin is designed with the average online store in mind and is extremely user friendly and easy to use. The control panel consists of menus like Sales, Catalog, Customers, Promotions, CMS, newsletters, reports and system. Under Back End Admin, you can control product information and details, customer profiles and personal info, price policies and promotional offers.

The Back End Admin allows monitoring and generating sales reports, newsletters to customers etc. The Back End panel also enables configuration and control of the system as such. The user interface is easy. The Magento store allows for single page checkout and quick delivery schedules. But in spite of being overwhelmingly user-friendly, Magento Back End Admin requires training at the hands of professionals if the online store is to be run successfully and efficiently. Training is a must since the Magento Back End Admin deals with product tax rules as well.

eCommerce Software Solutions Online (ECSSO) has been training people on Magento Back End Administration. We provide intensive training in using the Back End Admin Control Panels effectively. We provide both video and hands-on training for online store owners in using the flexible control panel of the Magento Back End Admin interface. Our training enables the participants to easily and flawlessly extend administration of the Magento Back End tasks.

Our training is comprehensive and modular in structure. All the areas of the normal back end administration are covered fully and the training is deemed complete only after a period of on the job training. Every online store definitely needs employees thoroughly trained in Magento Back End Admin. If your online store is new to the business, it is high time that you looked at your training requirements. Contact us today for your training needs and run your Magento Online Store efficiently and profitably with proper trained personnel.

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