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Magento Google Base Store Connector Implementation

If you have a Magento Commerce store that is running smoothly but would like to ensure that Google users can find your products quickly and easily, it is highly recommended that you implement Google Base Store Connector.

Google base connector is a solution provided by Google to facilitate this. By implementing it; your search results in Google will show your products along with a link directly to your website.

Essentially the Google Base Store Connector is a module that allows Magento Commerce website stores to connect their online store products and services directly to Google. This creates a very effective and efficient communication process between your online store and Google, eliminating the need for a store owner to do this manually. The data is synchronized automatically from your store, and that way the product and service data contained on you website is always current and available for people to search and find on Google. The Google Base Store Connector is designed to meet to Google’s content format and requirements and will help you increase the number of website visitors to your website, driving people to your website that are specifically looking for your products to purchase.

By implementing Google Base Store Connector you will never have to enter the same item to different websites manually. This tool will put the products in the proper Google base format. Google Base Store Connector also has the facility to synchronize multiple sites in one easy step.

At eCommerce Software Solutions Online (ECSSO) we offer implementation services for Google Base Store Connector. Please contact us today to learn more about this service and how we can help you implement this on your Magento Commerce website so that more people will find your products and purchase them.

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