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Magento: Google Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics is the most effective and efficient web analytics package available that analyzes the traffic patterns of your website. Google Analytics helps you evaluate which keywords and also landing page presentations attract most customers to your products and services. It is the most comprehensive tool available in the market that helps to analyze your web traffic with respect to keywords, landing page presentation, segments, traffic locations, conversions and so on.

Today, Google Analytics is one of the most utilized web traffic analytics packages on the market and is available for you to use also with your Magento Commerce website. Google Analytics helps you add your own customized goals to the package so that you can get instant analyzed data on the goals of your choice and requirements. Custom reports can be generated on your web traffic, breaking down the visitors to different information pages, products and categories.

Indeed, we have only scratched the surface of the benefits and features that the Google Analytics package offers. Google Analytics is something that is continually evolving to provide useful, rich data to help you understand your website traffic and performance better and also help you make informed, strategic website decisions.

Google Analytics software is absolutely free. The only thing one needs to do is establish and account and integrate it into your website, its that simple. At eCommerce Software Solutions Online (ECSSO) we insist on the importance of Google Analytics Implementation in all Magento eCommerce Online Stores, so that our customers can boost their sales methodically and systematically.

If the Google analysis reports are carefully reviewed and the results thereof are implemented correctly, it can not only help you understand your website, but also enhance your website significantly, to improve its effectiveness and boost your sales. Contact us today if you would like to implement Google Analytics to your Magento Commerce Store.

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