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Magento Themes: Custom Magento Theme Design

The flexibility and versatility of Magento Commerce platform have been the two most significant factors that are attracting a great number of online stores to migrate to this platform. As online ecommerce software solution providers, we are often asked in detail about Magento Theme Design, it’s features as well as the capabilities it has to offer for those wanting to set up an ecommerce website presence.

Magento Themes offer you innumerable variations in the look and feel of your online store, allowing you to not only customize your home page, but also apply different theme designs at different levels of your website, including the category and product levels. Magento themes take the concept of online store design to an altogether new level in terms of store owner website management, visual richness, usability and user shopping experience.

In addition, such themes enhance the marketing and promotional scope of the online store. Each category and product can be exhibited in its own customized information page. These customizations can be done for each product and for each category. The beauty of the Magento Theme Design is that one can give different theme effects to the online store. The store owner can set the shop to switch between themes to suit different occasions such as the festive occasions or seasons.

The online store can take on different appearances in tune with the seasons and occasions. The date settings enable you to switch the shop back to normal when the season date is over and vice versa, providing your customers with a relevant and appropriate user experience. Utilized effectively, this can be used as a very powerful and strategic marketing mechanism.

Further more, and just to get a little more technical, Magento offers the convenience of immediate access to all modules, making it unnecessary to engage additional developers to make use of new features. When designing a new Magento Theme, one has to rely only on the App. Directory and the Skins Directory. The user can store many themes in the interface directory. More importantly, while creating a new default theme, there is no need to duplicate any existing themes. Once a new theme is designed, simply assign it to your online web store so that the theme can take effect.

Magento Theme Design offers unlimited scalability and flexibility to the online store since Magento is built as a fully modular model. Magento Theme Design is based on the concept of structural blocks; content blocks and of course Layout. No great programming skills are required to work with these three concepts. A good grounding in XML is all that is required other than PHP and familiarity with Zend.

We at eCommerce Software Solutions Online specialize in Magento. We have great expertise not only in Magento Theme Design but in customizing your online web store to suit your specific requirements. Good Magento Theme Design is a very important choice if you are looking at creating a website that is professional, unique, marketable, usable and attractive.Please contact us to discus your needs for professional Customized Magento theme design services.

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