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Magento Custom Landing Page Design

The very first web page that a customer or a visitor sees while visiting a particular website is called the Landing Page. Therefore the Landing Page of an online store is a very important part of the website. This is because of the fact that the first webpage is where the potential buyer forms both an opinion about the website and also makes a decision to either rely on the online store for his or her requirements or not.

The landing page should therefore create a positive first impression and must be well designed to invoke interest in the visitor and thereby convert the website visit into a sale.

Magento Commerce values the importance of effective landing pages and has made it very easy and efficient to create effective custom designed landing pages. In Magento Commerce this has been properly addressed at the product, category and information page levels giving the website owner full access to mould the website to meet their ongoing, as well as seasonal custom landing page design requirements.

Again, the landing page is not necessarily the first page of the website. If the customer is following a bookmark they have made or if they are following a promotional website link, then the page he or she arrives at is the landing page. Further more, as more and more of your websites pages become indexed by the search engines or linked to by various directories and websites, the number of entry pages will increase. This means that the number of landing pages will increase also. For this reason it is critical that you’re landing pages convey the correct messages to your target audience as these can ultimately aid in the process of maximizing your eCommerce sales.

In designing the landing page, one has to be specific about the content, design and the layout of the landing page. As a person once put it, ‘custom landing pages act as the online salesman or ambassador for your products and services. Thus, you need to ask yourself this critical question, ‘what is my landing page saying to my customers’. This is especially critical to those of you who are running PPC campaigns that are targeting specific keywords and phrases and rely on specific landing pages in order gain maximum conversion.

The landing page should contain the features of the products, the price, and of course ‘a call to action’ which in most cases is simply the ‘Buy’ button. Keep in mind that the feature description should be attractive and should capture the attention and interest of the visitor. The product information should be specific with statements about the guarantees available, the advantages of buying the product, as well as the added advantages of shopping from the website.

Custom Landing page design requirements will vary with the variety of products and services available. However in all cases, one must realize that the information provided on landing pages is absolutely vital and can make the difference between weather a sale is made or lost. Often inadequate information will drive website visitors who are intending to purchase away to other websites, so it’s important we get it right! At eCommerce Software Solutions Online we value the importance of well designed landing pages. We are able to help you in this area. We provide professional custom landing page design services that will help you produce landing pages that are in tune with your online store’s requirements.

Our custom designed landing page services will help maximize your conversion rates. We have designed competitive, attractive and result-oriented landing pages for our customers and have helped them gain optimal levels of Internet sales and marketing communications exposure. If you are thinking about customizing your website’s landing pages, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional landing page designers are ready to help you.

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